How to Effectively Communicate with Senior Citizen Clients

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American Senior Benefits
Published on January 13, 2021

Take time to interact with personally and empower senior citizens to make essential decisions pertaining to their life insurance.

Senior Life Insurance

No matter what age someone is, there are many benefits that come from various life insurance policies. It is essential to consider an individual or family’s financial needs, goals, and pre-existing medical conditions.

How to Effectively Communicate with Senior Citizens

Based on the National Institute on Aging, practicing excellent communication skills can result in stronger relationships, reduced medical errors, improved health outcomes, and many other benefits. When it comes to informing senior citizens about various life insurance policies and answering questions, there are specific guidelines to be aware of to boost understanding and implement helpful two-way communication. These include:

⦁ Active Listening: Actively listening to what someone is saying is a vital part of open communication. Resist the urge to interrupt or fill in periods of silence when senior citizens are trying to think through things. Pay attention to their body language to make sense of what they are trying to convey. Stay engaged in a positive way by paraphrasing and reflecting thoughts back, and refrain from judging. Ask thoughtful questions and be invested in learning more about who you are talking to.

⦁ Withhold Advice Unless Asked: Provide encouragement and support throughout each conversation and not be overly aggressive or pushy. Accept differences in opinion and show respect for contrasting views. Figure out what each person is trying to say and convey your thoughts in a polite manner. Also, use humor and laughter to ease stressful or difficult situations. Share in laughter to ease any tension and feel closer with those you interact with.

⦁ Speak Slowly and Clearly: Some senior citizens may be hard of hearing and be unable to understand certain medical words or insurance phrases. Stay calm, speak gently, and do not rush. You can raise your voice, but do not shout. Enunciate clearly and slow down your words while refraining from mumbling. If they still cannot understand what you are trying to communicate, rephrase words, and try giving ample examples to boost understanding.

⦁ Ward off Distractions and Maintain Eye Contact: Stay in the moment and give your undivided attention to senior citizens. Make a point to silence or turn off your phone and reduce any background noise or auditory or visual distractions. Sit face to face with patients and maintain eye contact to physically show you are listening attentively and care about what is being communicated.

⦁ Simplify Information and Instructions: When presenting any information or instructions, be sure to simplify your words to not be overly confusing or complicated. You can write down instructions in an easy-to-follow format and summarize the main points. Furthermore, you can include visuals, models, and charts to categorize information and allow clients to visualize data. Providing brochures and handouts for senior citizens to take home and refer to later on would be helpful as well.

Overall, treat senior citizens with respect and be deliberate, meticulous, and detailed with any information you share. Take time to allow clients to ask questions and express themselves without rushing them. Thank them for their time and follow-up shortly afterward.

Final Thoughts

When communicating with senior citizen clients, it is vital to practice varying strategies to build rapport, stay engaging, and show how much you care. Be well-versed and focused on building levels of satisfaction and comfort when working with the elderly. To learn more about how to communicate with senior citizen clients on life insurance policies effectively, contact the experts at American Senior Benefits. Our licensed experts will be happy to answer any questions you have.

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