6 Things To Consider Before Buying A Mobility Scooter If You Are A Senior

American Senior Benefits
American Senior Benefits
Published on December 24, 2020

As you age, you may lose some mobility due to injury, accident, or declining health. Arthritis or other joint issues may make it challenging to get around and maintain your independence. A mobility scooter for seniors can help.

There are many different types of mobility scooters and models to consider. It can be overwhelming as you begin shopping around, so we have compiled six of the important things to know about mobility scooters for seniors. Read on to learn more.

6 Important Points To Consider Before Buying a Mobility Scooter

Cost – There are many different scooter options at all ⦁ price points. As you shop around, you can compare options and features at each price level and decide what works best for your needs. Be sure to check your insurance to see about reimbursements or any coverage for mobility scooters to mitigate the cost. Check out this handy resource for more info on mobility scooters.

Your Health – Remember, mobility scooters are motorized vehicles. Are you healthy enough to control it while in motion? You do not want to get hurt while using your mobility scooter. Your physical ability may help determine which mobility scooter is safest. You may want to talk with your doctor and family about the best options for you.

Your Future Needs – It is important to plan ahead when considering a mobility scooter. What will your mobility needs be like in a year or five years? Do you anticipate needing more assistance or using your scooter more frequently as you age? Perhaps you plan to purchase a new scooter in a few years – if so, you may want to resell your used one and may consider purchasing a popular model that resells well.

Where Will You Use Your Scooter? Do you plan to drive your scooter mostly outdoors over varied terrain, or will it be meant for indoor use through hallways and tight corners? Different mobility scooter models are made for different conditions, so understanding how you intend to use your scooter will help you make the best decision for your mobility needs.

How Often Will You Use It? If you will be using your scooter infrequently, a less expensive model may suffice. But, if you are using it all the time for your day-to-day activities, you may prefer a more comfortable model or one with more features.

Your Comfort – Different scooter models work for different people for many reasons. You may like the feel of the seat or controls better in a certain brand. Because you will be using it often, be sure you like the feel of it. There could be variations between brands in seat cushions, materials, and design that make a particular brand a better fit for you.

Buying a mobility scooter is an investment, and like any investment, you should carefully research your options. Safety and comfort are important, and price can be a deciding factor. Be sure to factor in your current and future needs and physical abilities, as well.

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