6 Signs of a Long-lasting Career

American Senior Benefits
American Senior Benefits
Published on August 18, 2020

More Americans than ever seem to be unhappy in their jobs. A survey of 6,600 adults by Gallup and several other prestigious organizations concluded that less than 50% of people surveyed were satisfied in their jobs, revealing some difficult truths among the American workforce.

People who reported more happiness in their positions seemed to work for larger organizations, were given opportunities for creativity, were able to learn new skills, and offered encouragement from their employers.

Are you happy in your job now? Do you see it being a career that can go the distance?

Six signs you’re in a long-lasting career

  1. You have autonomy
    There’s nothing worse than feeling like you’re being told what to do all day. Being micromanaged is a sure way to feel trapped and unhappy. With someone breathing down your neck day in and day out, it’s probably difficult to envision yourself long-term in that position.

A sign of a great job is having some autonomy to make decisions and control your daily routine.
Generally, when you have freedom to determine the outcome of your day, you will be happier overall. If autonomy is something your job lacks, it may be a good time to consider looking for a change.

  1. You get paid well
    Money is always a crucial detail when it comes to staying at a job. What really matters in the long run is if your compensation matches the hard work you put in. Ultimately an excellent career provides significant earning potential, with room to move up.

Being underpaid is one of the top reasons for job dissatisfaction, and understandably. Financial incentives provide motivation to work hard and improve skills.

  1. You have room for growth
    Walking into a dead-end job every day can become mentally exhausting after a while. The thought of being in the same position forever with nowhere to advance can cause extreme frustration for employees with big career and personal goals.

If you have opportunities to grow at the company you’re at, consider that a win!

  1. You are able to develop new skills
    If you’ve had the chance to develop new skills or refine your current competencies, count yourself lucky. Something that contributes to overall job satisfaction is learning and practicing new skills. Employers that invest in their employees with training programs and professional development programs are worth staying with.
  2. You have a great work-life balance
    Work-life balance is definitely a harmony that is different for everyone, but generally employees appreciate being able to prioritize their families and home life while simultaneously finding success in their careers. Having flexibility with your time and schedule is a desirable benefit that not everyone gets to enjoy.
  3. You have a healthy amount of stress
    There’s hardly any such thing as a job with no stress, and that’s probably a good thing. A certain amount of stress keeps you on top of your game and helps you remain mentally focused. Too much stress, however, can really take a toll on your mind and body after a while. A career that doesn’t overload you with stress and anxiety is one that you will likely want to stay in long-term.

A career as an insurance agent provides all the desirable benefits of a long-lasting career and more. American Senior Benefits is proud to be a premier independent insurance organization that focuses on people first. We equip agents with all the tools they need to be successful and confident.

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